Your Money Adviser: Sign Up for Health Care Coverage? ‘Absolutely,’ Experts Say

THE final deadline for enrolling in health insurance for 2017 under the Affordable Care Act is on Tuesday. But with so much turmoil and uncertainty surrounding the law’s future, should consumers bother to shop for coverage?

Yes, say policy experts and consumer advocates. Health plans — and subsidies to help low-income consumers pay for premiums — are in place for this year. and the state-based insurance marketplaces are open for business, for consumers who do not have job-based coverage and are seeking individual policies.

“They absolutely should sign up,” said Sabrina Corlette, a research professor at Georgetown’s Center on Health Insurance Reforms. Unless something drastic happens, she said, consumers should have coverage and, for those who qualify, help with premiums through the end of the year.

The outlook after that is murky, to say the least….

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