Yisrayl Hawkins Exposes Who Changed the Seventh Day Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday in New Post This Week

Every single Law that Yahweh gave us is for our benefit. Try to keep them and see for yourself. The House of Yahweh will teach you how; that’s our prophesied duty, shown in Micah 4:1-3

Yisrayl Hawkins, Pastor and Overseer at The House of Yahweh in Abilene, Texas, has published a new letter that he says will expose centuries of lies and religious cover-ups surrounding Biblical Laws. Yisrayl says when it comes to the Bible, nothing should be added to or taken away from it, or consequences (curses) are sure to follow. He says one of the biggest changes made in history was when the Fourth Commandment was changed from the seventh day of the week, Saturday, to the first day of the week, Sunday.

“The Catholic Church made this change. They even admit to changing this day, and all the other churches followed suit. But if you just look in the Holy Scriptures, it plainly says in Exodus 20:10 that the Sabbath is the seventh day of the week,” Yisrayl says.

Yisrayl continues with the consequences that have befallen mankind due to this one Law being changed. He adds that when mankind breaks any of the Biblical Laws, it causes suffering and misery in many forms. He says that mankind was never meant to live a life of misery, and it would be easy to turn life around if these Laws were kept fully.

Yisrayl says that if everyone would look at the facts surrounding which day is the true Sabbath day, then agree to keep it properly, they would begin to see the blessings it would bring into their lives and would never want to look back. He says his mission is to get everyone to understand the great blessings shown in Scripture that start when you keep this Commandment.

“Every single Law that Yahweh gave us is for our benefit. Try to keep them and see…

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