X-Change Featuring Nicci, “The Last Time”

X-Change ft Nicci, “The Last Time” – singles artwork

I was working on the chords and instrumental ideas…while Nicci worked on the vocal melodies. We went back-and-forth rewriting until we were happy, and at one point, something magical just clicked! We cut the vocal that same night.

Captivating. Inviting. Piercing. Like a heat-seeking missile born of Detroit’s fiery sparks and clashing steel, X-Change zeroes in on what makes an electronic dance music (EDM) song pop with precision and grace. X-Change featuring Nicci’s “The Last Time” is such a song, and it’s out now.

The Radio Edit of “The Last Time” starts with the signature synthesized piano chords heard on the recent X-Change single, “Leaving You (In The End)” featuring Kylie Odetta, before launching immediately into Nicci’s vocal. In a refreshing departure from the majority of today’s EDM songs, Nicci’s vocal chops are highlighted as she opens up and shows off her range in this dynamic pop song. The composition is rock-solid and very catchy. Notice the quiet spaces in between the finger-snaps as X-Change shows control via restraint. What’s notable is that this song doesn’t try too hard attempting to be a big-room festival track. It’s more of a thoughtful song, and that in and of itself is refreshing in the current pop music climate. The lyrics pull you in with, “Because everybody wants to feel something / Just living on a prayer / All or nothing.” The chiming, high synths sound bell-like during the chorus. X-Change proves it’s possible to create a song that’s pretty without being saccharine sweet. The Radio Edit is tight and satisfying.

The Extended Mix takes much longer on the intro as X-Change builds suspense with major chords and a…

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