Would you want to live next to an outlaw biker gang?

There are some who believe the presence of outlaw bikers has a calming effect on a neighbourhood, but one expert says that’s a myth.

In recent months, two clubs tied to well-known biker gangs have set up new bases in the Halifax area and their presence has some people in those areas worried. Others think it might deter other criminals from operating in the area.

Stephen Schneider, a Saint Mary’s University criminologist and author of books on organized crime, said club houses can be “a prime target for a conflict.”

“[Residents] should be wary of indiscriminate violence, and to some extent wary of more strategic violence — biker-on-biker, club-on-club violence,” he said. 

‘You break in, we break you’

In Fall River, N.S., a club called Sedition has set up a base in a home at the end of a quiet cul de sac. The beige house has a wide wraparound porch and a bright red…

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