Woman with dementia lights up dance floor at Halifax singing event – Nova Scotia

When a choir of perfect strangers gathers every second Monday at a Halifax bar, there’s one woman throwing her arms in the air as she dances with abandon and sings her heart out.

Her name is Lynn Davison and since January her friend, Kathy Greenwood, has been bringing her to The Big Sing, a popular drop-in signing event at The Company House for anyone willing to lend their vocal chords to a pop-up choir.

“Whenever you’re with Lynn, she’s either beating on a table … or beating on her lap or beating her thighs or dancing or singing,” said Greenwood. “There’s always a musical energy coming from Lynn.”

What many people don’t know about Davison is she has dementia.

Part of the family

Greenwood met Davison, 59, about seven months ago at Arborstone Enhanced Care home in Halifax.

Greenwood’s sister, who had multiple sclerosis, was in the bed next to Davison. Greenwood said Davison became part of her family during that time.

They would sing together, talk and laugh.

Kathy Greenwood (left) brings Lynn Davison (right) to The Big Sing every second Monday at the Company House in Halifax (CBC )

“Lynn made our visits with my sister a lot more cheery,” Greenwood said.

When Greenwood’s sister died in October, Davison told her she was afraid she would never see Greenwood or her family again.

Greenwood promised that would never happen.

‘She’s a musician, and she’s a lot of things’

They’ve remained in close contact. Another of Greenwood’s sisters had told her about The Big Sing, and she knew she had to bring Davison.

“She said it has to do with a choir, and everyone’s invited and you don’t need to know how to sing to attend,” Davison said. “So I was in.”

As Davison watched a video recently of one of the Big Sing performances, she tapped her leg in time to the music.

“I thought that was great,” Davison said. “It’s like love, more than anything.”

Artistic background

Davison used to take bongo drumming, Greenwood said. She has a degree in…

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