With ‘Big Life,’ Millennial Women Get a New Guide

Across from her sat Alessandra Biaggi, 30, the former deputy national operations director for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, who wants to run for office eventually. “The wait-your-turn thing resonates with me so much, especially with politics, because that’s what I’m getting from people,” Ms. Biaggi said.

Sarah LaFleur, 33, the founder and chief executive of MM.LaFleur, a clothing brand, said: “I grew up in Japan, and I thought I wanted to be in politics, too. But it just wasn’t a thing you heard often.”

“That’s exactly the problem,” Ms. Biaggi responded. “Little girls should grow up and be like, ‘I want to be a nurse, a doctor, a politician.’ It should be normal. We need women at the table.”

She added that she wants to open the door to more women joining politics but struggles with the tension between being herself and what she imagines people think she should be.

“It’s amazing all these stale ideas that get stuck in your head,” Ms. Shoket said.

Earlier that day, at NeueHouse, a co-working space in Manhattan, she had reflected on her own evolution. “When I left Seventeen, I felt very strongly that I had something to say for the generation that grew up with me into the next stage of their life,” said Ms. Shoket, 44, who had been at CosmoGirl for eight years before joining Seventeen in 2007.

“We had had all these deep emotional conversations about how you navigate the terrain of adolescence,” she said. “Why did that stop when you turned 20?”


“The Big Life” is a guide for women in their 20s and 30s who are hungry for a job they love, a supportive network of friends, respect from their bosses and partners who want all those things for them as badly as they do.

A book had long been on the table, and Ms. Shoket decided it was time to…

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