Winnipeg woman learns to tango following stroke recovery

It’s the time of year when many of us have a list of resolutions about a mile long but for a Winnipeg stroke survivor, her list was simple — be able to clean her house again and dance the tango.

Spoiler alert: April Takacz did both.

“It felt great,” said Takacz, who used to be a figure skater — something she knew she would never be able to do again because of a brace she’s now forced to wear.

“If I take it off I can’t even step one foot without falling down because I have what you call drop foot.”

In 2006, Takacs suffered an aneurysm while driving to work. She went to the hospital and had a stroke while recovering there from the aneurysm.

“I think it was the nurse that asked me to rate my pain and I said 10. She gave me a shot and I don’t remember anything for a month and a half,” Takacz recalled.

Shortly after the stroke, Takacs said she started to dream about…

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