Why you should worry about tinnitus

Why you should worry about tinnitus


Tinnitus is a hearing disorder that can be a serious sign of hearing loss when left unattended. For some people Tinnitus can simply be a temporary ringing of the ears while for others it is a permanent condition. You should worry if you have Tinnitus because of the complications it can bring about for your ears.

One reason to worry about it is that Tinnitus can be very distracting if you do not seek medical help. You will find it hard to focus on the task at hand and even find it difficult to sleep. Tinnitus can also manifest itself as a roaring, humming or crackling sound in your ear. You may find it difficult to work while you have Tinnitus.


Another reason to worry about Tinnitus is that it may be a sign that you are losing your hearing slowly but surely. Even if your Tinnitus is temporary, you should consult an EENT doctor right away so that he can schedule you for a consultation and hearing exam. Sometimes the Tinnitus is temporary because it might be caused simply by ear wax that has accumulated in the ears.


You should double check with your friends and family if they too can hear the Tinnitus ringing, whining, roaring, humming or crackling sounds. If they can hear it then it isn’t Tinnitus after all. But if they can’t hear anything out of the ordinary then you are in trouble and should seek medical help right away.


You should explain to the doctor what kind of Tinnitus noise you are hearing, the frequency or length of time that the Tinnitus manifests itself, and if you also seem to be having difficulty hearing other people talk normally. You might also think that you are hearing Tinnitus when in fact you are hearing some background noise such as whining from the TV or radio as it is playing. The right diagnosis is crucial so that the doctor can provide the right treatment.

You might have Tinnitus in one or both ears. There is no hard and fast rule about the symptoms as these may vary from patient to…

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