Why Choose a CamelBak Hydration Pack

Before you buy a new product, it is nice to know some history about the company. In regards to CamelBak, it had a unique start and their story is one that is inventive and adventurous. CamelBak packs are a quality product for various outdoor sports such as mountain bike riding, hiking, snowboarding and other activities. These packs are so outstanding that there is even a military/tactical line.

In the beginning

As with many products we use today, a lot of them were created out of the need for something better. A CamelBak pack is one of these products. Michael Eidson was getting ready for a bicycle race (“Hotter’N Hell 100”) in Wichita Falls, Texas in 1988. He was trying to figure out how to stay hydrated during this extremely hot race since there were only a few water stations along the entire course.

By trade, he was an emergency med tech, and he had an idea – a great idea! He took a thin hose, and connected it to an IV pack filled with water and then put the pack into a tube sock. The sock, containing the IV pack, was inserted into the back of his bike jersey and used a multi-functional clothespin to attach the thin hose to the front of his jersey. And voilà!


Yes, we are thankful that Mr. Eidson decided it was best to change the look of this CamelBak when he began manufacturing them. The CamelBak line has styles available for men, women and kids for just about any outdoor activity in which a pack and hydration is a must. There are a number of styles, designs and colors. The hydration capacities are 1+ hour, 2+hours and 3+ hours. And not to leave anyone out, there are CamelBak packs that are military/tactical grade available as well.

With our busy lifestyles we lead today, getting outdoors and relieving stress is a must. Many of us find ourselves back in nature where things are simple and beautiful as never before. When we go on these necessary excursions, we don’t need a lot but we do need a few things and of course we need life preserving water. Regular backpacks are great but they can be bulky and  the water doesn’t stay cold. With CamelBak packs, you can choose the size you need and have the ability to keep your water cold at the same time.

What’s available

CamelBak offers 60 packs so there is a pack for everyone. In addition, there are 33 packs in the military/tactical division. Each category/division has packs that are great looking, durable and have a special pocket for the company’s unique hydration system.

The hydration system used today, it’s not an IV pack, is made of a durable material that is 100% BPA free. There are three systems of which one which holds 50oz.1.5L, one holds 70oz/2L and the third holds 100oz/3L of hydration. These systems have the HydroGuard technology, a quick sealing cap, the patented Big Bite valve and a PureFlow tube.

I can’t leave with all this great information about CamelBak packs without telling you that since day one, there is a lifetime guarantee that comes with each pack. In addition, this…

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