Why buy when you can borrow? New Charlottetown Tool Library to launch in June – Prince Edward Island

Charlottetown residents looking to do some fix-it projects or yard work this summer will soon have a new place to turn for tools.

The Charlottetown Tool Library is scheduled to open the first weekend in June.

“A tool library is basically as simple as it sounds,” said Daniel Cousins, president and co-founder of Charlottetown Tool Library.

“We’re a library of tools and equipment and resources that people can borrow.”

It’s more than tools. For a yearly fee of $60, members can borrow everything from gardening tools, photography equipment, cooking tools to power tools.

Some of the tools ready to be loaned out when the Charlottetown Tool Library opens. (Charlottetown Tool Library/Facebook)

‘I can borrow it’

Cousins reports there is growing interest every day in what the Charlottetown Tool Library will offer.

“People finding out oh, I need a drill, I don’t have to spend $150 on just a drill, I can borrow it,” he said.

“The small homes movement loves this idea,” he explained, as do apartment dwellers, new home owners, and a lot of young people who “just can’t afford those tools.”

Daniel Cousins is the president and co-founder of the Charlottetown Tool Library. (Nancy Russell/CBC)

Loans are normally three days, with some items having a longer loan time due to the nature of what they are needed for.

And there is a generational element to the appeal of the Tool Library.

“We’ve gone through basically being told buy, buy, buy and we’re millennials, we’re poor, poor, poor,” said Cousins.

“I can say that, I’m a millennial and I’ve seen my student debt.”

Daniel Cousins at the recent Fix It Fair in Charlottetown. (Charlottetown Tool Library/Facebook)

Halifax experience

David Stonham, co-founder of the Charlottetown Tool Library volunteered last year at the Halifax Tool Library.

“Signing up new members was always a great because everyone seemed to recognize the value of borrowing rather than owning their tools,” said Stonham, who just graduated from the Environment and Sustainability program in the Geography Department at UBC.

“Why should I buy something that costs $150 that I’m only going to use for five minutes versus borrowing it.”

The Halifax Tool Library has been a big success. (Submitted by David Stonham)

“We moved into a bigger space while I was there in April 2016, and I believe they are already growing out of that space and looking for the next location to expand into.”

Stonham heard about a wide variety of projects from the members in Halifax.

“I found it fascinating to hear about everyone’s projects and to help people find the tools that would help them to complete these great projects,” he said.

Behind the scenes at the Halifax Tool Library (Submitted by David Stonham)

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There is also a green aspect to the concept.

Lessening the environmental footprint is part of the appeal of the Charlottetown Tool Library for Pauline Howard of Food Exchange P.E.I., a grassroots volunteer organization…

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