Where Do Soul’s Come From?

Often thought of as mysticism by non believers the spiritual energy system that flows though all of us is much like any other system in our body. For example: Our digestive tract regulates the amount of nutrients our body stores and eliminates, our bloodstream carries oxygen to our muscles and organs and our brain receives messages from all over our body telling us how to react or move about our day. These examples are no different than the way our chakra system tells us how to feel emotionally and keeps our body’s working in tip top shape.

Without our chakras we would only be organic robots going about our lives with no emotional connection to the world around us. Humans as a species have pondered life questions like, what it is that makes us love somebody or hate somebody else, where do we get our intuition, and why do we have such strong individual personalities? Some people will say that God is our creator there for he has given us our souls. Others will say that our soul is held in our brain or hearts. In reality there is no proof of a man sitting in the clouds handing out personality and our organs have a job to do – they don’t have the capacity to govern our emotions.

I believe that the chakras are the answer to the question of where our emotions, and to a greater extent our souls come from. It is no coincidence that people will say that “your soul comes from deep within your heart”, they are not talking about the heart muscle but the heart chakra that flows through our chest. The proof for my theory is this: A Nadi (plural: Nadis) is an energy channel in which prana (life force) energy flows connecting each chakra.

Nadis also are responsible for extrasensory function of empathic and instinctive responses. They were first thought to extend only to the skin of the body, but are now known to extend to the boundary of the aura. The Ida and Pingala nadis refer to the two hemispheres of the brain. Pingala is extroverted, and corresponds to the left hand…

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