What To Do When Your Internet Goes Down

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So your internet has stopped working, leaving you without those news updates, social media pings, and streaming video shows you’ve grown accustomed to. Take a deep breath. Fortunately you must still have some way to tap into the information superhighway, but lets see about getting the onramp fixed.

What to do right away

First step is a crucial troubleshooting question: Has the internet stopped working on all of your devices, or just one or two? If the former, you’re looking at a problem with your broadband or router; if the latter, the issue most likely lies with those specific devices. You’re making progress already.

Reboot the devices that can’t get internet, as well as your router and modem if the issue seems a widespread one. Turning something on and off again has become a running joke as far as IT repair goes, but that is because it actually works-it forces your devices to reconnect to your internet connection, and forces your router to reconnect to the main internet feed supplied by your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Wait a few minutes and see if anything has improved. If you’re still not getting internet on any device, open up your router settings page (the supplied documentation should tell you how to do this, or a quick web search over your phone’s data connection) and check it’s actually getting a signal from the wider web. This should be displayed somewhere prominently if you click around the various screens, otherwise check back with the manual for details. Once you dig up this info, it’s wise to write it down somewhere for next time.

If your ISP is experiencing issues and the internet is down in your area, there’s not a lot you can do except get on the phone (or Twitter) and ask the company for an update. While you’re waiting it out, you might be able to tether some internet from your phone’s cellular connection, if your phone and carrier support the feature, and you have a big enough data plan to cope.

What to do after that

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