What It Takes to Be a Leader: Attributes for Success in Leading

What does it take to be a leader? Great leaders throughout history were known to be great communicators, inspiring their followers and overpowering with charisma. They also had excellent organizational skills, making the management of huge empires seem like they were taking care of their backyards. Modern examples can be seen in the heads of countries, businesses, and various organizations. Technology might have changed, but the qualities of being a good leader remain the same.

Being a good leader requires only a simple set of attributes, but this is easier said than done. When leadership seminars were not even in existence yet, leaders were said to be born destined for greatness. In the modern age though, with training and dedication, nearly anyone can be a good leader and succeed in life.

Training comes in different forms which are suited to different types of people. Each one’s leadership style is different and can range from a managerial, role model, coach, or mentor approach. While the attributes necessary for each are quite similar, the methods to make each one successful with their respective style are somewhat different. The end result, however, is that each one will come out with the skills necessary to become better with his leadership style.

Leadership training and development works on the basic skills needed by any sort of leader. Communication skills are important so that you can easily motivate your people, as well as to become assertive when required. Leadership is a two-way process that requires communication between you and your subordinate. Hence, you should treat your people as friends and colleagues, but, at the same time, know when to crack the whip to instill discipline.

Military leadership development stemmed from the lessons taken by war veterans and applied to scenarios that have nothing to do with war. In the battlefield, a leader must have superior planning, organizational skills, and be creative enough to adjust to any sudden…

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