What are fidget spinners? And why are they annoying teachers?

Schools nationwide have decided to ban “fidget spinners” — the hottest new toys for young students, according to Time magazine.

The toy is a simple gadget with a bearing in the middle that spins.

And they’re all the rage. As Time reported, fidget spinners make up every spot in Amazon’s top 20 best-selling toys. Prices range from free to, yes, $1,000.

“They are in the hands of children riding CTA trains with their parents. They are in the classroom and in homes across America. They are even being spun by some adults in meetings and at bus stops,” wrote the Chicago Tribune’s Rex Huppke.

For a full breakdown on how they work, watch the video below.

Interestingly, the toys were designed to help children focus. Commercials often advertise that they can help children with anxiety, stress and ADHD, ABC-15 reported.

In fact, parents were told the devices could help children with autism.

“I do have one (child) that’s autistic, and it keeps…

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