Webster-Calhoun Cooperative Telephone Association Annual Member Meeting Was Held On March 14th At The Southeast Valley High School In Gowrie, IA.

“Vantage Point works with broadband providers across the country. Webster-Calhoun’s fiber buildout was organized, well-planned, efficient, and forward-looking. From start-to-finish, it was among the best FTTP projects we’ve seen.”

Camouflage and wildlife decorated the stage and was the décor of the Webster-Calhoun Cooperative Telephone Association (WCCTA) Annual Meeting held on March 14th at the Southeast Valley High School in Gowrie, Iowa.

The color scheme and decorations illustrated the theme of the meeting: “Set Your Sights on Great Service”. “We are all overwhelmed with marketing messages that say ‘WE provide the best service, the best product, the best network. Every one of our competitors say the same thing. What makes Webster-Calhoun different was the message we highlighted during the annual meeting,” states Marcie Boerner, Office Manager at WCCTA. “WCCTA provides a utility type of service that is not always tangible. In the same way the customer doesn’t always see behind the scenes, work that is done by the board, staff and management. Our staff aims to please, particularly following the cooperative philosophy of providing a service in the best interest of the members that use that service locally.”

General Manager Daryl Carlson provided attendees with updates on WCCTA that showed a very strong balance sheet as a result of outside investments made by the board. Daryl noted that some small telcos are beginning to struggle. That gives WCCTA the opportunity to share management, expansions, merger, or acquisition opportunities as some companies are not as financially stable as WCCTA. “You’re starting to see examples of this throughout Iowa,” was stressed by Daryl. “This will not happen at WCCTA…

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