Wanted: Leadership on McCleary to fund K-12

Here are key players in the Legislature drafting Washington’s new plan to amply fund K-12 schools across the state. Let them know we’re tired of waiting.

All 147 legislators and Gov. Jay Inslee share responsibility for Washington state’s continuing failure to fix its unconstitutional, inequitable public K-12 school funding system.

But it’s largely up to a handful of leaders in the state House and Senate to end the tiresome partisan standoff that is halting progress. They must start compromising — and negotiating — to get the Legislature across the finish line.

This editorial board is counting on these smart and capable leaders to do their paramount duty and fully fund K-12 schools. Washingtonians should contact these representatives directly and encourage them to negotiate a solution.

Various proposals are on the table during this overtime legislative session that began April 24. Here are some key principles:

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