Vans have come a long way when it comes to driving style

Vans did suffer the stigma of not being ‘in with the trend’ and were associated with only those who had a large family or those who had to manage goods as well as passengers to ferry about. They were just not considered good enough for corporate use and this rather down market image stuck with it for quite some time.

It is only now that people are now appreciating the value and utility of having vans. These troubled economic times are compelling them to look for frugal ways of doing things and cutting down on fuel costs are certainly one of them.

Teenagers are now using these vans to go on road trips with their friends and many corporate companies are using these vans to ferry their employees to destinations and saving valuable money in doing so.

The capacity of the van and its comfortable ride are huge pluses in its favour. Van pooling with 6-8 people in each van, sharing the trip expenses can go a long way in cost cutting measures. As far as the image makeover is concerned, all that you would require to do is spruce up the vehicle with the right accessories and put a fresh coat of paint on it for it to look great and trendy. Minivans are being rented more frequently than ever by both corporate companies and families are making full use of vans to organise camping trips. The normal car covers can be used for vans too and maintenance would not be an issue.

So what is the best van available that you can buy? Here it is not so much a question of the top brand in cars being able to come out with equally good vans but your own specific requirement that will hold sway and should influence your decision.

If your work is lightweight, you need not spend too much on an expensive brand. You would be able to do quite well with a cheaper brand. The size of the van is another aspect that you can look at and if you can get by with a medium sized one, you should go for it.

Price is an important factor as well but here again, the numbers of finance schemes that are available…

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