Vanina Takvorian, Musical Artist and Manhattan Real Estate Entrepreneur, Launches New Video of Her Song “Anyway” to Spread Hope

Vanina Takvorian
Musical Artist and Founder

Do it Anyway.

Vanina Takvorian, French American musical artist and founder of a business venture specialized in luxury real estate and interior design in Manhattan, NYC, has released her new music video titled “Anyway.”

“We all face challenges in life,” explains Vanina. “‘Anyway’ is meant to encourage people who are facing these challenges to do whatever they want to do, and to follow whatever dreams they have, no matter what difficulties they encounter on their roads.”

As an Interior Designer, Vanina noted that buyers purchasing apartments in Manhattan look for peaceful and elegant designs. “They love the French Touch, which stays always trendy in NYC and Miami,” she noted. The minimalist and clean designs of these styles inspire her life philosophy, which shines through in

She recently renovated and designed an apartment in black and white, with minimal leather furnitures, which allowed the space of the apartment to show dramatically.

Her journey from real estate mogul to part-time musical artist has given her a new avenue to express herself. She expands that, “The problem we have here in Manhattan is that there is not enough space. Interior designers know that we should always value any tiny space, even the closets.”

Concerning her Album and new video, she wants everyone who listens to it to know that ‘they can do it anyway,’ and she hopes that her song will give them the strength to face intense challenges.

Vanina is preparing her second album, which will contain at least 10 new songs for her fans. All the songs will be very meaningful and personal, and she revealed that she will sing one of them in…

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