Useful ways to identify the Replica Chanel Handbags

Are you under the impression that you are not harming anyone but Chanel by buying Chanel replica? You couldn’t be more wrong. Counterfeiters are putting a lot of genuine traders out of business. Besides, there are horrifying reports about orphan kids being forced into labor by counterfeiters. To put an end to all this, you should learn how to tell the difference between authentic Chanel handbags and replicas.

Check The Materials Used

Chanel, since its inception has been using calfskin for all its leather products. You will never find any lamb or alligator skin Chanel Handbags. The replica manufacturers are so busy with selling and pocketing the profits of their counterfeit trade, that they hardly ever pay attention to such important details. All most of them do is replicate the design. Nothing else is taken into consideration. Not the hardware or the linings. The sewing is often really bad because of the unskilled labor used and so is the quality of the lining. But this works in your favor because you can easily identify a replica Chanel for what it is.

The Logo Ratio Always check out the ratio of the Chanel logo in any Chanel Bag you plan to buy. Most manufacturers of cheap knock-offs merely put the CC logo on their products and believe that that’s the end of it. Unfortunately, most consumers too believe if the logo is there it has to be Chanel. Not so. The ratio of the C is 3:5 width : height. Go to the Chanel website and check out the logo for yourself. If you look at it long enough and frequently enough, you’ll learn to spot a fake logo easily. Also check out exactly how the Cs are interlocked in an authentic Chanel handbag; which part of which C overlaps which part of the other.

The Price Should Warn You

If you want a good quality product, you should be willing to pay for it. If you plan to buy a Chanel handbag, go to the website and familiarize yourself with the cost of their products. You may come across someone trying to sell a slightly used bag…

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