Usain Bolt's gold medal loss is Bruno de Barros's gain

  • Brazil came fourth in men’s 4x100m relay at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing
  • Jamaica stripped of gold after Nesta Carter was found guilty of doping
  • Decision means Bruno de Barros will finally pick up an Olympic medal 
  • He says he feels a ‘great sense of happiness’ to be a medallist eight years on

Stephen Wade, Associated Press

Usain Bolt’s misery is Bruno de Barros’s delight as the Brazilian is finally on the verge of getting an Olympic medal.

It will be more than eight years late arriving, and it’s bronze – not gold or silver, but none of this matters one bit to the Brazilian.

Jamaica was stripped of their gold medal in the 4×100-metre relay from the 2008 Olympics in Beijing earlier this week when one runner – Nesta Carter – was found guilty of doping.

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