Updates on next president election 2012

It turns out the bid of Republican Mitt Romney to develop into the many who will challenge Barack Obama on next president election in November is happening like the proverbial Lead Zepplin. The former long term President used to be using prime in polls a few quick weeks in the past but now lags at the back of the guy who sounds lika a hospital, Rick Santorum and struggling to stay ahead of libertarian, the anciet of days Ron Paul.

The explanation why Romney has come unstuck is the weirdo factor. On paper he is an ideal consevative candidate, rich, a success and with none baggage (unless you rely the time he tied his dog’s kennel to the roof of the car and result in on a long drive)

But unfortunately Mitt in a Mormon and that classifies him as a weirdo in the eyes of many American voters (OK, pot, kettle etc. however we must needless to say now not everybody in America is crazy.)


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