Trump’s promise for healthcare act contradicts Republicans’ proposal

The president said replacement for the Affordable Care Act would ‘guarantee’ insurance coverage for those with preexisting medical conditions

Donald Trump appears on stage at a rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Saturday. Photograph: Carlo Allegri/Reuters

In an wide-ranging interview that aired as he passed his 100th day in office, Donald Trump blamed a wide array of domestic setbacks on Democratic obstruction and the media but promised to pursue policies that would make the US “a very wealthy country again”.

Among such policies, he said, would be a popular replacement for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that would “guarantee” insurance coverage for those with preexisting medical conditions – a promise seemingly at odds with his party’s current proposal.

Sitting down on CBS’s Face the Nation, Trump told host Jon Dickerson the foremost lesson he had learned since becoming president was “how dishonest the media is”.

“I’ve done things that are I think very good,” he added.

The first attempt to repeal the ACA having failed to reach a vote due to internal party division, Republicans in Congress are now moving to weaken protections for sick Americans seeking insurance. This week, in an attempt to win support from hardline conservatives, House Republicans approved an amendment that would permit states to waive the ACA’s ban on charging sick people more for insurance than healthy people.

Nonetheless, Trump said: “Pre-existing conditions are in the bill. And I mandate it. I said, ‘Has to be.’”

Trump reinforced his point in a tweet, writing on Sunday morning: “New healthcare plan is on its way. Will have much lower premiums & deductibles while at the same time taking care of pre-existing conditions!”

It is not clear how many states would follow through on the power to make the sick pay more. Critics, however, have said any such change could make insurance prohibitively expensive for those with preexisting conditions. The AARP, the…

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