Trump’s immigration reform: High-skilled visas may be next – CNNMoney

President Donald Trump has the tech community outraged over his travel ban. But Trump hasn’t forgotten about revamping the H-1B program too.

The H-1B visa is the popular pathway that helps high-skilled foreigners work at companies in the U.S.

It’s a program that’s particularly near and dear to the tech community, with many talented engineers vying for one of the program’s 85,000 visas each year.

During a White House briefing Monday, Press Secretary Sean Spicer said Trump will continue to talk about reforming the H-1B visa program, among others, as part of a larger push for immigration reform.

Spicer said Trump will do so through executive order, as well as by working with Congress.

Details on both options are unclear.

In a draft executive order dated January 23 obtained by CNNMoney, changes could impact numerous programs. There were no details on how this…

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