Trump vilified Hillary Clinton repeatedly for her handling of classified information

Reports that President Trump shared classified information with Russian government officials at a White House meeting recall the many times that Trump during the presidential election lambasted Democratic rival Hillary Clinton over how she allegedly handled classified information when she was secretary of state.

Trump and his staff have pushed back on the Washington Post report on Monday that the president shared classified information about ISIS with Russian officials.

Trump asserted on Twitter today that he had an “absolute right” to share the information, which he did not characterize as classified. He tweeted that he “wanted to share with Russia” at the meeting “facts pertaining to terrorism and airline flight safety.”

Here’s a look back at some of the times prior to his election that Trump slammed Clinton over claims about how she handled of classified information:

August 2015

Trump, then a longshot candidate for the White House, weighed in on news that there may have been classified information on emails sent over Clinton’s private server during her time as secretary of state. “This is a very big deal,” he wrote.

November 2015

Trump at a rally in Macon, Georgia, on Nov. 30, 2015, said Clinton “shouldn’t be allowed to run,” considering the alleged presence of classified information on her emails.

“How does a person have that many emails?” Trump asked the crowd. “They have 3,000 here, 5,000 … How do you have that many emails anyway? But they have thousands of classified– … it’s disgusting because frankly she shouldn’t be allowed to run, she shouldn’t be. But the Democrats are protecting her.”

July 2016

One week before the start of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, where Trump was set to accept his party’s nomination, the GOP candidate in a speech in Virginia said Clinton’s email use should be “totally disqualifying.”

“This was not just extreme carelessness with classified material, which is still totally disqualifying,” Trump told the Virginia Beach crowd. “This is calculated, deliberate, premeditated misconduct followed by a cover up followed by false statements and lies to congress, the media, and the American people.”

September 2016

Trump referred to the former secretary of state as “lyin’ Hillary Clinton” in a tweet addressing news that Clinton told the FBI she did not know that the “(C)” mark at the beginning of paragraphs signaled the inclusion of classified information, believing instead it was a reference to alphabetical order.

Later in the month — one week after Clinton made her now infamous comment at a fundraising event…

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