Trump signs executive order to review the Clean Power Plan Video

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Transcript for Trump signs executive order to review the Clean Power Plan

Together this group is going to do a truly great job for our country. We have a very very impressive group here to celebrate the start. Of a new era in American energy. And production and job creation. The action I am taking today will eliminate federal overreach. Restore economic freedom. And allow our companies and our workers to thrive compete and succeed on a level. Playing field for the first time. In a long time fellas. A long time. We’ve already eliminated a devastating anti call regulation but that was just the beginning. Today I am taking bold action to follow through on that promise my administration. Is putting an end. To the war on coal could have clean coal really clean coal. With today’s executive action I am taking historic steps to lift the restrictions on American energy. To reverse government intrusion had to cancel. Job killing. Regulations. First today’s energy independence action calls for an immediate reevaluation. Of the so called clean power plan. Perhaps. Perhaps no single regulation threatens our miners and AG workers and companies more. Then this crushing attack. On American industry. Second we are lifting the ban on federal leasing for coal production. Third real lifting job killing restrictions. Or the production of oil natural gas clean coal and she jail. Energy could get there we will create millions of good American (%expletive) Wall sells so many energy caps. And really. Lead to unbelievable. Prosperity. All throughout. Our country. Minus is the minor factor. Only a line. Come on you split and about it.

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