Trident Systems Cross Domain Voice and Video Solution TSABI Certification

The balance between protecting and sharing critical information has never been more crucial than in today’s Joint and Coalition military environment. Voice over IP audio and point-to-point video are common tools for operational information-sharing networks throughout the DoD and Intelligence Community (IC). However, the current collaborative infrastructure creates communities of users who frequently are unable to communicate outside of their network or security domains quickly and effectively. DIA has addressed this gap by deploying and accrediting V2 CDS between US SIPRnet and JWICS networks. Phones on these two networks can now call each other directly using both voice and video phones, eliminating the cost and footprint of installing and maintaining separate phones and networks to each end user’s desk.

Trident Systems’s Voice and Video Cross-Domain Solution (V2 CDS), which is designed to meet rigorous DoD and NSA standards, delivers VoIP audio and video telecommunications across network security boundaries using existing call managers and videophones in a user-friendly and timely manner. V2 CDS authenticates users and reduces covert channels to an acceptable risk, while simultaneously maintaining point-to-point video capability.

  • Instantly & securely relays vital video & real-time voice across different security domains
  • Provides face-to-face communication to reduce uncertainty, strengthen trust & expedite collaboration
  • Supports cross-domain, point-to-point videophone calls & point-to-point & multi-party audio calls, which are as straightforward as placing long distance calls
  • Supports existing Voice over IP (VoIP) infrastructures, including popular Private Branch Exchange (PBX) servers & SIP-compatible IP phones, with minimal…

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