TransLiquid Cartoon is released by Pixel Film Studios

TransLiquid Cartoon – FCPX Transitions

This Final Cut Pro X transition is full of hand drawn animations.

TransLiquid Cartoon is a package of hand-drawn liquid animations created exclusively for use in Final Cut Pro X. Editors can pick and choose from a variety of liquid transitions that include waves, streams, bursts and more. Easily change the highlights, mid levels and shadows using simple color swabs. Utilize on-screen controls to fully manipulate transitions through position, rotation and scale. TransLiquid Cartoon’s simplistic style is a perfect complement for any Final Cut Pro X production.

TransLiquid Cartoon’s package transforms beautiful hand-drawn pictures into wonderfully organic liquid animations that are fully customizable in Final Cut Pro X. Users can choose a TransLiquid Cartoon transition and drop it between media clips in the Final Cut Pro X timeline.

TransLiquid Cartoon users have full control over the look and feel of transitions inside Final Cut Pro X. Users have total control over position, rotation and scale of each transition. After placing a transition, users can manipulate the placement of hand-drawn elements using simple and effective on-screen controls.

Each transition in TransLiquid Cartoon includes up to three color swabs so that users can have complete control over the look of liquid animations. Easily adjust highlights, mid levels and shadows of each liquid animation with precision and ease. Change the default blue hues to a colorful combination to switch scenes with fantastic style.

TransLiquid Cartoon was professionally designed to work seamlessly inside of Final Cut Pro X. As a transition effect, each TransLiquid Cartoon preset may be dragged into the timeline and dropped onto…

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