11th November, 2013, Nairobi, Kenya: D-Trail, a parcel tracking and management application is set to revolutionize the parcel delivery industry in Kenya by using both mobile phones and the internet to integrate courier operations in to one system to help delivery companies optimize their operations. The system was developed by Doban Africa Ltd. The system was launched by the company toward the end of last year has been received well by major players in the industry.

The system targets both courier companies and other delivery companies, including restaurants and retail outlets with home delivery services. Asked about the future of the system, one of the developers stated “We hope to have the system incorporated in all online businesses to help online business manage the delivery aspect of their businesses.”

Couriers are expected to benefit hugely from the new system especially the system’s ability to track the location of parcels and riders/drivers in real time, and the web based reports and analytics that give a detailed analysis of the parcel trends in the organization.

The most notable features of D-Trail include

i. User friendly interface- D-trail web based system provides you with a very easy-to-use interface with all system functionalities located on the dashboard. This can be seen after logging in to the system. The other sections of the system such as reports, sending parcels can be accessed at the click of the button. The system can also be customized to meet the needs and operations of every client, where the things like company details such as logos, report formats can be created in the system.

ii. Package status- The system allows you to check the status of the parcels through out the process of transportation. The system is updated automatically to reflect the current status of the parcel, that is, if it has been delivered, or if a new parcel has been loaded on the delivery van.

iii. Rider/Driver Locations- The system also tracks the locations of riders. The distances are rider locations, maps and distances covered are displayed in the system in the administrators account. In case a client wants to have his or her parcel picked up from a certain location, the admin can easily find the rider who is nearer to the parcel and assign them the pick up job.

iv. Web based Tracking Reports- D-Trail provides you with various web based reports based on the details entered in to the system. The reports can be accessed easily by clicking the reports link on the dashboard. They provide information about rider performances, movement of parcels in and out of the company as well as parcel activities in subsidiary offices of the company. These reports can be relied on by the company management in making of decisions.

v. Automated E-mail or SMS notifications- The system sends messages to clients informing them of the status of their parcels. Both the sender and the receiver are notified of the parcels status at certain stages of the delivery…

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