TLC Employer Services is Excited to Become Journey Employer Solutions

TLC Employer Services is changing its name to Journey Employer Solutions as of May, 2017. There has been no sell of “TLC” and ownership has not changed. This is a move that goes with the evolution of the company.

The name “TLC” stood for Timely, Local, Committed and has represented the goals of its namesake for years. The acronym has popularly stood for Tender – Loving – Care which was also embraced by TLC by offering A+ level service and the genuine care that clients deserve.

The heart of the company is to care for and positively affect as many people as possible. Kevin, President and CEO of TLC told us “My personal goal is to always put forth the best culture and future for our team members. That’s my passion and why I get up in the morning. When you have a team that truly cares about each other and the company, they naturally care about their clients and put them first.”

This has helped make “TLC”, soon to be “Journey”, the number one payroll provider in their region according to Biz West and why they boast a retention rate of 98%. With statistics like these, it’s not hard to imagine the proverbial target attached to their back by competitors. But regardless of their impressive status, this pressure motivates Journey to continually strive to improve every facet of their business until they have reached 100% retention.

So why the name change? This company was built on service. It doesn’t matter if there is one employee or 1,000 employees; they want to be there for their client’s payroll, HR, time clock, and employee engagement needs. They are proud to be the #1 provider in the markets they serve and will never stop developing new ways to earn that placement.

For instance, “TLC” has made big improvements with technology, and “Journey” will continue with this trend at…

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