Tips on how to Create a Double Exposure without Utilizing Photoshop

I’m an amateur photographer always seeking new ways that I can capture an image and ultimately present this image to my friends with a fresh point of view. I’ve experimented with developing new looks utilizing editing software like Photoshop, but ultimately I take pleasure in creating visual effects with just my digital SLR camera alone. I recently found a new trick effect that I personally had never tried. Allow me to share the Double Exposure effect with you.


This strategy operates exactly as the title describes it. You take two exposures or two distinct shots and essentially blend them together.


You could do this with either an old common film camera or using a newer-style digital single lens reflex camera. Several of the digital SLRs in fact even have a function inside their menus which might be labeled Multiple Exposure, to allow you to easily produce this effect.


Basically using a film camera you take two images over exactly the same portion of the film inside your camera. Soon after taking the initial image you push a button on the camera which disengages the film advance gear. You then activate the film advance lever, which will allow you to take a further picture, though the film stays in the identical place. Your next shot is then taken over top of the initial image.


Using a digital SLR camera, you activate the double exposure function which does basically the identical thing that I outlined above but creates the special effect electronically applying the camera’s built-in technologies.


When you commence experimenting with this style of shooting you will be amazed with the outcomes.


You are able to locate an individual in a location they’ve always wanted to check out or mix together essentially the most unlikely of persons into the same occasion or setting.


Have you ever wondered how you could make a person see-through? You just put your camera on a tripod and take two shots, one particular shot with your subject inside the…

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