Ticket Broker DerbyDeals.com has a Derby victory of its own

“We’re proud of the A rating the Indianapolis BBB has given us,” Austen said.


Anastasia Austen, VP marketing and public relations

Access Entertainment Group LLC


Everybody loves a comeback story. And that’s the kind of story DerbyDeals.com has to tell.

DerbyDeals.com is a sport travel and ticket brokerage company, and, as its name implies, it specializes in ticket packages and individual ticket sales for the Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Oaks as well as other key Thoroughbred racing events.

This year has been an extremely busy one for DerbyDeals.com, said Anastasia Austen, the company’s vice president of marketing and public relations. DerbyDeals.com has worked with hundreds of customers this year to help provide the Derby experience they’re seeking — whether it’s a couple of tickets to the track on Derby Day or a weeklong experience including hotel stays, transportation, hard-to-get party tickets and tourism opportunities.

“One of the best parts of my job is assisting our customers so they experience the pageantry that is Derby,” Austen said. “We have a lot of repeat VIP clients who use our services every year, but it’s also rewarding to help customers put a checkmark by a ‘bucket list’ item. You’d be surprised how many people have dreamed of coming to the Kentucky Derby.”

Austen’s enthusiasm about her work is not limited to the joy she receives from lining up people with their dream Derby experience. She’s also overjoyed by DerbyDeals.com’s comeback.

Austen works for Barry Bernstein, who bought DerbyDeals.com in August 2014 from founder Scott Davis, who wound up in the crossfire of a business deal gone wrong that left him without the supply of Derby…

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