Think About This Before You Break Your Apartment Lease

Thinking about breaking your apartment lease? There are a myriad negative implications if you decide to do so. So take a break, sit down, and go over any other options you may have at your disposal. Breaking a lease should be a last result and can have a serious impact on your credit score and your future rental possibilities.

We have listed some factors that you will want to go over before you break your apartment lease. 


Things To Consider Before You Break Your Lease


The first thing to go over is what other options you have that you can take advantage of before you break the lease.  Many renters can pay their rent but safety is an issue.  Either they cannot inhabit their apartment home or there is a major issue. If this is the case you can contact an attorney who is familiar with tenant law. Your landlord or apartment management company must meet standards of safety.  If they fail to meet these standards you will then have some options.


And remember that the more documentation you have, the better. So take plenty of photographs of the damage and remember to keep copies of police reports and even certified letters you have mailed to your landlord. Describe the situation in detail so there is no confusion. Don’t be afraid to report something as small as lack of heat.


But maybe the apartment home is not the problem.  Many times renters will have an emergency or they simply don’t have the cash on hand for next month’s rent.  The first thing you should do is talk with the manager. Explain the situation to them in detail.  Sometimes you will be able to work out a payment plan that helps both parties. Its possible you can sublease your home to another renter.


If you do break your lease you will be liable for the rent, you can be taken to court, and your credit will have a blemish.


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