The World Of Men’s Bracelets

If you have always thought that women have the exclusive right to bejewel themselves, you are wrong! It is never correct to underestimate men as far as jewelry is concerned. Like women, they have equal share of preferences in their choice of jewelry too.  Moreover, there are brands that dedicatedly manufacture men’s jewelry, such as titanium rings for wedding, OPS bracelets for men and gold neck chains.  Even, the variety of men’s bracelets that are available at the stores will keep you dumb folded! Check them out!

Varieties on the basis of composition

Men’s bracelets made from gold are generally available in two varieties: light weight collection and heavy weight collection. The light weight gold bracelets are usually daily wear jewelry, while the heavier varieties are worn as occasional wear. These bracelets also come with precious stones studded in them at times. Gold bracelets are specially meant for niche customers.

Silver bracelets are mostly used as casual accessories. They come in different styles and are mostly devoid of any gem setting. They are gold plated at times as per the requirements of the customers.

These bracelets are much less expensive in comparison to gold and silver bracelets. Another plus point of steel is its durability and characteristic shine. Hence, these bracelets have greater acceptability.

 Varieties on the basis of styles

The cable chain style is perhaps the most common variety of men’s bracelets. They are in the form of interlocked round, oval or square units made from metal.  Some cable chains have twisted appearances which impart greater sheen to the jewelry.

The basic difference of rope chains with that of cable chains is that here one unit is connected with numerous other units. This gives a beveled rope-like appearance to the bracelet. However, they are more expensive due to their heavier weight.

These bracelets resemble the band of gent’s watches. They are thus available in a range of patterns. Moreover,…

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