The voice receiving device of the vehicle’s interior

IVoka the most exciting place to be the number of voice call and text messaging function, which is also use of the essence of the interactive features of the IVoka voice. The driver friends understand the behavior of the phone was in the car is a very dangerous thing. IVoka done in this regard have been safe to call or even send text messages. Developers show us how easy it is to dial someone’s phone, reporters were tested with their own mobile phone. Similarly, first activate the voice call button on a square plate, tell IVoka call 1361134xxxx “, then the reporter immediately received a mobile telephone numbers of incoming calls. The developer told reporters, IVoka hardware platform, the interface of a mobile phone sim card can be inserted, and therefore only need to do an ordinary mobile phone sim card, will be able to achieve the same as the phone call function. Texting is the same is true, the object number or name of the IVoka send text messages to inform, IVoka automatically find the object of texting, and then only need to mouth the narrative of the content of messages can be IVoka voice text input accuracy breathtakingly high place.

Reporters at the auto show venue, there are strong external noise interference (such as high-volume stage sound) IVoka in the process of listening to the phone number or the content of messages will be “intends ideas, leading to entry interruption, the developer told reporters explain, IVoka voice navigation is very sensitive for some of the larger voice, it will interrupt thinking, leading to entry of content may be only half. Therefore, in dialogue and IVoka, should try to avoid other people’s voices or outside interference. IVoka hear is almost correct.

As an integrated intelligent voice interactive platform, IVoka also has many features, for example, you can ask IVoka Beijing today weather  “,” I now go to eat  “,” What time is it  “, These problems can be satisfactory answer, and even you can ask the point of silly questions, such as “you are clever with Apple more than anyone else “, IVoka can tell you that Apple’s voice do not understand Chinese! “, and so on. In addition, some drivers with a local accent, as long as you can tell a little standard Putonghua, the IVoka can understand, the developers interviewed by the reporters at the show, with a clear southern accent, but IVoka completely Discrimination the development of the staff said. When the reporter asked IVoka whether to support the local dialect, the developer said, The currently IVoka not support any local dialect, and when to launch in the future also is uncertain.

Suffice it to say the sound IVoka weather broadcast will be able to open

The IVoka voice Intelligence can do very much, if you really do not know IVoka also capable Diansha simply ask IVoka, asked a “What can you do ” Main products: car dvd player  with good quality. IVoka immediately inform the answer you want.

 IVoka many advantages by virtue of its Andrews platform…

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