The Thrill of Motorway Driving Lessons

Joining the main carriageway via a slip road may be something a newly qualified driver has yet to experience. Joining a main road at speed can require some close judgement of speed and position of other cars. It is essential to gain a speed quickly which matches that of the vehicles already on the motorway. If the approach is too slow this can lead to problems when merging at the end of the slip road. Traffic on the slip road must wait at the give way line if there is no gap in traffic. This is more likely to happen if you are too slow.

When on the motorway the new driver should stay stay in the left hand lane in order to settle into the drive and become accustomed to the higher speeds. Another major difference is the number of large vehicles on the road. These have really long blind spots and it is important to avoid positioning in the blind spot area for too long a time.

When comfortable on the motorway it may be time to overtake. The mirrors signal manoeuvre routine needs to be employed correctly and the higher approach speeds of other vehicles taken into account. When overtaking is completed then the instructor needs to make sure that the driver returns to the left hand lane. Many drivers tend to position permanently in the centre lane which can cause problems for other motorists who wish to overtake.

When training with driving schools on motorways forward planning and information gathering from signs will be of great importance. Some junctions have up to four lanes so if you miss your turning it can be a long detour to find your way back. Early identification of signs and markings is top priority during motorway driving. Last second lane changing can be deadly so every move must be made in good time.

Topics covered on the journey will include use of emergency telephones in the event of a breakdown. Knowledge of different coloured road studs and what they mean, how to deal with fatigue and distraction on long journeys and consideration for the safety of…

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