The Six Words’ Secret of Our Life

I heard such a story: there is a 20-year-old young man, Mays. He decided to leave home to create his own future to the outside world. Before departure, Mays first visited the family patriarch to ask for guidance. The old patriarch listened to what Mays said, thought for a while and took out a piece of paper, wrote three words in the above: “Do not be afraid.” Then the old patriarch looked up, looked at Mays and said: “My child, the secret of life is only six words. Today I tell you the first three words for your half of life.”


Time flies! Thirty years later, the original 20-year-old boy Mays was 50-year-old middle-aged man. He had some success, but also added a lot of regret.


That day, he returned home, and specially came to visit the patriarch. Reached the patriarch’s home, he knew the elderly had died couple of years ago. Patriarch’s son took out of a sealed envelope and said to him: “This is my father had left you, he said if one day you come back, you may want to see it.” Mays then remembered, 30 years ago, he only heard half the secret of life here. 


What is the other half? He eagerly opened the letter and opened the writing paper, written on three characters above: “Do not regret.”


Since we are alive, we do not be afraid before middle age, and do not regret after middle age, which is the refining of experience and the concentration of wisdom, but also the realm of life that everyone wants to pursue.


Yes, when we are young, we have the capital to fight, and losing does not matter, because we have many opportunities to start over, so we should not be afraid of anything. However, after middle age, we do not have much capital to start over, and once lost, we have no energy to win back. However, we did not need to regret the amount of time before, because people will always grow old slowly over time, no one is immortal. However, we should not regret that we have done in the past, if there is no previous effort, there is no the…

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