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e=mc2 is an equation made famous by Albert Einstein. His mind-bending theories have long been the stuff of textbooks. Now, Faith Salie tells us, the complexities of his life have become the stuff of a made-for-TV series:

In scientific circles, stars don’t get any bigger than Albert Einstein. (Not on this planet anyway.)

“Einstein was the first great scientific celebrity,” said Walter Isaacson. “So beginning in the 1920s he would come to America. Crowds would come out to see him. It was pretty odd for a theoretical physicist.”

Dr. Albert Einstein, pictured in 1934 (center), with the actors who portray him in the new series “Genius”: Johnny Flynn (left), and Geoffrey Rush

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Isaacson has chronicled the life of Einstein, who born in Germany in 1879. “He’s brilliant, but he’s also like your uncle: He can’t quite remember where he’s left his shoes, and he needs to know the rules of baseball, and he’s fun with kids helping them. He wasn’t some strange genius from a different planet. He was human.”

Einstein’s “Genius” is the subject and title of a new series on the National Geographic Channel based on Isaacson’s book. It stars Geoffrey Rush as Einstein, and Johnny Flynn portrays the scientist as a young man. 

To watch a recap of Episode 1 of Genius,” click on the video player below.

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It turns out Einstein’s life was as unconventional as his theories. “Einstein was a total rogue in his personal life,” Isaacson said. “He was a runaway. He always got in trouble with his teachers. Falls in love with this wonderful physics student. They have a child before they’re married. All of these things are this rebellious, impudent nature, which I think also leads him to challenge the basic tenets of science.”

Einstein upended more than two hundred…

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