The Problem of Employee Motivation in the Ojuice Company

Employees’ motivation in a company or a firm is a very crucial management practice which should not be underestimated since its implications are very much pronounced. From the case study conducted on Ojuice Company, lack of employees’ motivation was identified as the major management problem. The problem is so devastating that it has led to a continuous loss of many experienced employees in the past as they feel that their ideas are not accepted in this company (Seijts, 1998). As a result of lack of employees’ motivation, their productivity has declined leading to a drastic reduction of the company’s profits. From the case study it is well indicated that, lack of employees’ motivation made two former Ojuice employees to start a juice company thus giving stiff competition to the company. Employees’ motivation should be researched carefully because its inadequacy has resulted to loss of customers as a result of poor quality products. The drastic loss of its experienced workforce is putting its upcoming at jeopardy; whereby the stiff competition may lead to closure of the company. Further, it is has been noted that employees are not motivated to be innovative by coming up with new ideas that would save the company’s production. (Downey et al, 2006)

Employee motivation has been a serious problem which needs to be given urgent attention or else the company quit from the market due to the stiff competition and rapid loss of experienced workforce. It is evident from the case study that, employees are not motivated by being given favorable working environment where they can feel part and parcel of the company. In the case of Ojuice, employees are not allowed to carry out anything innovative in the company; thus putting the young dynamic workers out of place. An urgent measure has to be taken to curb the devastating impacts of this management crisis (Vinten, 2002). From a wide view; the crisis has led to loss of income, investments, employee departure, high competition, and decline in profits among other evils. In this case therefore, the Ojuice Company should be guided by the theory of motivation propagated by Herzberg which focuses on the psychological needs of employees. On this basis, employees who are willing to come up with some new ideas through motivation will be able to bring to the company new and productive thoughts (Vinten, 2002).

2.0 Problem identification

It is of importance to note that, the lack of employees’ motivation has been clearly indicated by poor and unfavorable working environment as identified in Ojuice Company. In this relation, this aspect has greatly demoralized the workforce resulting to high levels of labor turnover. Employees’ competence has reduced as their opinions and ideas are never considered resulting to their negative perception towards the company and its management. In addition, Ojuice Company doesn’t facilitate self managed teams thus discouraging a sense of autonomy and decision making responsibility…

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