The Patience Is Able to Change a Lot of Things for People

We are able to make some appraisements for functional level about transporting oxygen with some physiology indicators. Now I am going to show VO Max as an example. However, the relative magnitude of VO Max of common people is about from 50 to 55 ml/kg/min. However, the excellent players for cross-country skiing are able to have magnitude about 94ml/kg/min.

Here are three kinds of sport men in the following, such as endurance event sports men, non sports men and strength event sports men. We are able to make comprise about these hearts in order to make out the differences.

It is making the best use of oxygen with the skeletal muscle.

The muscular tissues are able to take in and take advantages of oxygen when the blood in the blood capillary is flowing through muscular tissues.

There is a show form study of physiology. The capacity for absorbing and using oxygen of muscle tissues has…

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