The Implications of the Federal Records Act

For a sound ediscovery policy, the Federal Records Act recommends development of a document retention schedule. Matters like which worker files are to be retained and which ones are to be discarded, accurate legal record keeping requirements and ediscovery laws remain a mystery to many federal personnel. To eliminate this uncertainty, not only federal, but also state agencies have come up with clear requirements and laws for record retention that need to be complied with strictly. These laws cover government subcontractors, contractors as well as employers.

An effective documents retention program can make sure of strict compliance with the laws. Records should include all the emails exchanged either between employees themselves or sent outside. Apart from emails, other files like Excel or Word can also be presented in the court of law as evidence. So periodic record and storage of all the files in a protected database is important. Apart from recording the data, there has to be a specific schedule detailing how long certain records will be retained and when they will be deleted.

The court can ask for these electronic records at any time and a firm must be able to display that they were confirming to the laws even before the request was sent. A firm needs to be in compliance with the laws regarding storage of electronic data irrespective of whether or not it receives a court order or a large fine may be levied on it. To ensure compliance, companies are encouraged to create a good documents retention schedule by the Federal Records Act.

Making the schedule is not a simple job. Paper documents can be filed, making it simple to keep records. Electronic documents however can be easily deleted or damaged and this can interfere with accurate record keeping. Development of a separate team exclusively for proper retention of electronics documents may be necessary.

Development of an effective electronic document retention schedule offers two main advantages – ensures…

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