The great outdoors is under attack

The mantra “jobs, jobs, jobs” is being thrown around to justify this. But the evidence that relaxing environmental regulations will result in jobs is not there. But science (yes, it still exists!) has proved that is not true.

WASHINGTON — Spring! We’re outside longer and longer each day, eager for summer, newly aware of air, water, and nature’s beauty and bounty.

In case you’ve been outdoors so much you think nothing has been happening in your nation’s capital, you should know the environment has been front and center for the White House, the Trump administration and Republicans who control Congress.

Thanks to the Federal Register, Environmental Protection Agency news releases, The New York Times, White House briefings, actions under the Congressional Review Act and President Donald Trump’s executive orders, here’s a partial rundown of the happenings:

The EPA, headed by a guy who hates the agency and sued it repeatedly, has removed climate change information from its website. Also gone is basic scientific information relating to clean power. This is to better “reflect the views of the leadership of the agency.” That would be Scott Pruitt, longtime advocate of big oil and gas.

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The administration is considering withdrawing from the Paris accord agreement on steps to protect Earth from man-made climate change. Other nations are curious to see what the United States, once a leader on cleaning up the environment, will do. So are millions of Americans who face extreme weather regularly because of climate change. (Pruitt says the Paris agreement is terrible.)

Coal companies were going to be required to ascertain that toxic waste from mountaintop removal mining practices did not pollute waterways, such as lakes, streams and rivers. Guess what? That’s not going to happen. Pollute at will, coal companies!

The United States was on the verge of making…

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