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Miss something this week? Here’s the consumer news you need to know from CBC’s Marketplace.

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Making rewards more rewarding

Quebec has a new consumer protection bill on the table. If it passes, your rewards points would never expire.

Why now? A consumer group looked at the Air Miles uproar and said, “Hey, maybe better rules wouldn’t be a bad thing?”

Bonus: the bill would also make it easier to cancel pre-authorized credit card payments.

Sad about your snacks

Lori May, of Bowmanville, Ont., with one of her last jars of Canadian-bought Skippy peanut butter. (Larry May)

Sorry, snackers: Dad’s chocolate chip cookies are no more, The company stopped making them, blaming poor sales, but fans are bitter.

And Skippy peanut butter may stick to the roof of your mouth, but that doesn’t mean it will stick around forever: It’s been discontinued in Canada

No benefit to gluten-free

If you have celiac disease, you also have a higher risk of developing heart disease. But if you’re not celiac, does going gluten-free help protect your heart? Nope.

A new study assessed data from 110,000 health professionals over 26 years. The verdict? Eat gluten, don’t eat gluten, your heart disease risk is the same. Here’s more about what the science says about gluten.

**Security alert**

Gone phishin’: A huge number of Gmail accounts were targeted by a phishing scam. So maybe be careful of any Google Docs links that show up in emails.

And Facebook blocked an ad for beauty products after complaints that it’s a scam: Customers say they got products they didn’t order, then bills they didn’t want.

What else is going on?

These people have one idea about how to deal with the wild Canadian housing market: They live on boats.

Louis Vuitton has had enough of people faking it: The company is suing a flea market landlord for allowing vendors that sell knockoffs.

And this week in recalls:

Some bottles of Bombay…

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