The evaluation of Longjing tea ‘s aroma and taste

Meijiawu produced in the Lake District, Lion Peak area in early spring tea, such as the tea process to normal, with no smell of the old fire and raw green best West Lake tea produced in Zhejiang Province and Zhejiang Longjing premium on the aroma and taste There are some differences. West Lake Longjing Nenxiang in with fragrance, taste more fresh and soft; Zhejiang Longjing with tender chestnut aroma, taste more mellow. The use of multi-function machine frying and Zhejiang Longjing West Lake Longjing tea, Longjing tea due to changes in the traditional production process, both the aroma was no significant difference. Most of the other flat was tender Roasted tea tea flavor. But even the West Lake Longjing, once the fry into the old fire tea, incense was fried beans, are more difficult to distinguish from its origin on the aroma. In the southern tea, Longjing tea room temperature storage conditions, over the rainy quarters, yellow soup, the aroma becoming blunt. 

Assessment of the tea dregs of Longjing tea 

Securinega assessment review is mainly color, tenderness and complete the degree. Sometimes the tea leaves into the cup enamel rectangular dish, then add cold water to see Securinega tender uniform level of classification can be used as a reference. 
Assessment of the grades of Longjing tea

A, the level of Longjing Tea should be determined against the standard, if there are differences in appearance and standard samples (such as organic tea), can only tenderness and fairly determine the level of the standard sample. At present most of the listed bulk Longjing system after some standard level is not only price. If the small package Longjing, you must indicate the product name and level, these kind of tea should be assessed against standards.
B, the level of Longjing tea has some relationship with color, high-grade spring, the color green is excellent, as the bright yellow, dark brown for the next. System of Longjing tea in summer and autumn, dark green or grayish brown color, is a low sub-quality characteristics. Mechanism of dark green color of Longjing tea. 

The assessment on Dragon Well tea external characteristics

Longjing tea review content similar to other famous green tea, mainly dry assessment form, wet assessment liquor color, aroma, taste, the bottom, and the distinction between origin Longjing tea. 

External evaluation of longjing tea

Representative to take about 100g of tea, tea-like plate on the evaluation form, the main assessment form, color, hair other items factor. Assessed by appearance, you can still determine that it belongs to the West Lake Longjing tea of Zhejiang Longjing. Because these two are very close to the shape of tea, or even other types of Longjing tea with fresh leaves (such as the Dragon 43, Dragon leaves) flat frying some tea, and its shape is also equally matched with the West Lake Longjing tea, Longjing tea which to judge The origin of a great deal of difficulty, which is now commercially available to…

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