The Eagle’s Nest – The Nazis’ Theomatics?

The Nazi regime had an occult and convoluted ideology based upon various hypotheses stating, for example, that Germans had stemmed out of the Teutons, an ancient proto-Germanic tribe. The Germans believed that the Teutons had migrated to the present area of Germany from the north, probably from a mythical Eden-like land such as Thule or Hyperborea – the first earthly garden of the Aryan race, which allegedly had had a different and better genetic code than humans. Quite a number of occultists share this opinion; for example, H. P. Blavatska, Rene Guenon and Julius Evola maintained that Hyperborea was a golden age of a very ancient and advanced civilization.

From among many obscure beliefs, the Nazis believed in Super Man, in the concept of Hollow Earth, and in the one thousand-year Third Reich. They, too, explored many other ancient myths including Shambhala. Educated people know that swastika is an ancient symbol still used in Buddhism and Hinduism today. Hitler used it only because he believed that it had been the symbol of the Aryans. On the basis of those beliefs, the Germans sent an official expedition to Tibet and looked for other ancient connections that might explain how the German nation had originated. The Thule Society (Thule-Gesellschaft in German) was the most famous German occult secret society that emerged in about the year 1911.

The eagle, the symbol of Germany, is one of the oldest Europe’s symbols. After seeing a big portrait of Hitler in the Documentation Center in Obersalzberg, I noticed that his moustache bears a resemblance to this bird – it consists of three parts, the left and the right wing stretched from the eagle’s (moustache’s) corpus in the middle. The Hitler’s Nest is therefore the Eagle’s Nest.

The Eagle’s Nest, or Kehlsteinhaus in German, is a bizarre construction that was built as a Hitler’s teahouse and an unparalleled high-mountain vista at the tip of the Kehlstein Mountain 1834 meters (6148 feet) above the see level and above…

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