The Doctors Are In! DEMANDTRANS launches new website and assembles Transit and Smart Cities “Dream Team” with addition of Drs. Nigel Wilson and Charlotte Frei

DEMANDTRANS Launches New Website!

The addition of these two world-class experts in Demand-Response systems reflects our company’s commitment to develop more flexible and cost effective transit solutions.

Dr. Roger Teal and his team of transit technology professionals are excited to announce the addition of Professor Nigel Wilson, director of the MIT Transit Research Program and Dr. Charlotte Frei Senior DRT System Engineer and Director of Smart City Services. With America urbanizing at a record pace, DEMANDTRANS is focusing on increasing the flexibility of public transit systems in order to set cities on a path to a smarter, safer, cleaner, and healthier future.

Many transit agencies across the US are currently utilizing DEMANDTRANS’ proprietary technology to optimize services, reduce costs and offer greater mobility choices to customers. Known as MobilityDR this solution can transform anything with wheels ie, buses, cars, bikes, etc. to an on-demand service as part of a seamless, integrated trip chain.    

As lead of the company’s Strategic Board of Advisers, Dr. Wilson will guide DEMANDTRANS development of a proprietary, automated Dynamic Mobility Blended Capacity Allocation System™ that can simulate the travel decisions of each household and individual, visualize trip chains as they appear in regional mobility data, model destination choices based on accessibility, and determine user’s route choices to inform optimal utilization of dedicated and non-dedicated assets. The effort reflects the ongoing transit sectors shift to utilizing non-dedicated vehicles to reduce capital expenditures, enhance service, and lower operating costs.

Dr. Wilson, widely considered among the leading global experts in the…

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