The Death of the Sales Magazine

Has yet another traditional information source forever been changed via the World Wide Web? Specifically, are printed sales magazines becoming obsolete? The following new realities appear to be signaling the death of the sales magazine:

  • Content – The World Wide Web is teeming with fresh, informative and relevant sales content (i.e., articles, stories and illustrations) covering selling, prospecting, and every other subject or area of interest to sales practitioners. No longer is the printed sales magazine the go-to source for sales and related content.
  • Sources – The large pool of unique sales content available on the World Wide Web comes from a variety of sources from around the world and is not limited to the same small group of sales experts routinely published in a sales magazine.
  • Availability – Unlike content printed in a sales magazine (periodic publication) sales content published on the World Wide Web is made available to readers instantly without the traditional delays associated with print media (e.g., printing, distribution).
  • Pricing – In some cases, if not most cases, the same sales content found in a printed sales magazine can be found on the World Wide Web at little to no cost. It has been suggested that trends show consumers are moving away from traditional subscription services (fee-based) to free information sources.

For many these new realities serve as trigger events leading to change. Trends in traditional print media advertising suggest that savvy advertisers have seen the writing on the wall for some time now and are currently in the process or have already moved their advertising dollars elsewhere accordingly.

What does this mean for the future of the printed sales magazine? It means publishers had better come up with something of value in their print publications other than the same sales content (e.g., articles, stories, illustrations) that can be found faster and cheaper elsewhere if they want to maintain and/or grow their subscriber…

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