Columnist Jennifer Jolly shows you the coolest tech for Mother’s Day.
Jennifer Jolly, Special for USA Today

Hey! Mother’s Day is right around the corner (May 14th). From Unicorn roses to selfie drones, here are all the gadget gifts no one else would ever think of — except a mom who covers tech for a living.

Superior selfies

Moms like me love to capture every moment of our family’s lives. But we’re never in the photos because we’re always taking them! Here’s a hands-free hack to take snapshots and selfies to new heights: the Rova Selfie Drone ($299.00). Just launch this frisbee-sized flyer into the air and its built-in “obstacle avoidance technology” keeps it from crashing down on the kitchen table while it catches all the best angles. She can even share the photos straight to social media right from the app, because if it didn’t happen on Instagram, it didn’t really happen, right?

Magical moving photos

Mom’s a family photo nut but I bet she’s never printed a video before. LifePrint ($129.95) is an augmented reality photo printer that creates great still shots, but when viewed through the LifePrint app, the images come alive into animated videos like magic. It prints videos from Facebook, Instagram, Apple Live Photos, and more.

Unicorn roses and bright bouquets that give back

Wait, flowers? Aren’t flowers pretty standard for Mother’s Day? Not the “rainbow” roses from FTD making headlines as the newest must-have in the whole unicorn craze. How do you get the petals to be so different? Magic. Duh.

ProFlowers has a pretty…