Thanks to police for ably handling a delicate situation

Readers rave about Seattle Police, drivers who stopped for duck and ducklings, Silver Sneakers instructor, help after running out of gas downtown; rant about dogs on Seattle beaches, single drivers in HOV lanes, drivers using cellphones.

RAVE To the three teams of Seattle Police Department officers who came to our home within 24 hours to deal with our mentally ill relative. They were respectful, courteous, knew their legal restrictions and communicated those to us. When our relative had to be taken from the house, they used the least amount of force possible, and he wasn’t injured. Thanks to all!

RANT To the arrogance of dog owners who insist that their off-leash, uncontrolled animals be allowed to harass protected beach wildlife, defecate any place and terrify children. Nobody expects a dog to have anything but instincts, but the entitlement displayed by these owners is breathtaking! Note: Seattle Animal Shelter is conducting emphasis patrols on all saltwater beaches in the city, since spring is a particularly important time to protect immature wildlife. Dogs, leashed or unleashed, are not allowed on Seattle’s public beaches. To report Seattle beaches where dogs are frequently seen, contact the shelter at 206-386-7387 or

RAVE For drivers who stopped when a mother duck and her seven ducklings appeared from the median and trooped across five lanes of traffic before disappearing into the brush. Not a single driver honked, even those in the backup who didn’t know why we stopped.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to single-occupancy drivers who fly by in the HOV lane while the rest of us wait patiently for our turn in the metered freeway access lane. Do you think no one can see you? Rave to drivers who wait their turn, even though it takes a few minutes longer and we all have somewhere to be.

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RAVE To our Silver Sneakers instructor whose weekly…

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