Ten Reasons How the Children of Alcoholics are Affected


Holiday season has started in the west. The long season of holidays start with Halloween, followed by Thanksgiving Day, Christmas and New Year. Partying and fun making fills the air with activities of pleasure. Nowadays drinking in parties has become a fashion not only in the west but also in eastern countries like India. A few days back, 133 persons in a small South Indian village, who drank spurious toddy on a festival day, died on the spot, leaving the whole village and the State in tears.

Ten Reasons How the Children of Alcoholics Affected

1) Children are abused

The first victims of alcoholism are the children. They are abused badly. Children who have no voice often feel brunt of domestic volatile situations. Most of the times, they become the scapegoats. They are brutally attacked. Statistics say that alcoholism of parents lead to juvenile delinquencies and these children turn into criminals.

2) Children escape from home

When a parent is an active alcoholic, children who had seen the consequences try to escape from the scene to avoid brutal treatments. Who can bear with parents who can not even give them food?

3) Health affected

Scarcity of food affects the health of the children. When the parent is in a boozy condition, who would care about the sick children?

4) Sleepless nights

Children lose sleep because of constant quarrels and shouting that go on throughout the night. Children growing like this become nuisance to the society.

5) Children affected physically and psychologically

Alcoholism of parents affects the children physically and psychologically. They are physically beaten and tortured. They are psychologically abused. They are starved not only of food but also of affection.

6) Even in the womb

If a parent is alcoholic before the conception of a child, it affects the child in many ways. When a mom drinks alcohol, it is passed on to the growing baby through the placenta and it is really harmful.

7) Abnormal delivery

Would-be moms do…

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