Striding towards broadening the horizons

School is the place where a child learns the basic fundamentals of life. These are, without an iota of doubt the most important years of learning and development. Years spent in school teach students the art of meeting new people, interacting with them, understanding and comprehending. Children, during this period learn to be observant of things around and also get creative.

School is undeniably the ground where kids identify their skills and talents and work towards nourishing and cultivating them in the right direction. It is extremely important to understand that the role of school is not just to imbibe and teach academic skills but also a wide range of life skills. This is the place where children develop morally and emotionally. The foundation to a student’s personality is laid during these years. Needless to say, school plays an extremely important role in building the character of children. It teaches them the basic skills of sharing, caring, teamwork and leadership. Discipline, obedience, time management and a lot more are some practices that play an extremely vital role in shaping the personal and professional lives of students.

Education is truly not limited to classroom learning and textbook descriptions. It is beyond that. GD Goenka World School endeavors to offer an enriching and wholesome experience to students through its wholesome approach to education, learning and development. The school offers students the platform to learn and excel. It motivates them to achieve their goals and aspirations. GD Goenka World School provides a gamut of opportunities to students where they can exhibit their talents, understand, discover and learn. Some of the activities at GD Goenka include Art of living classes, workshops; fun based learning classes, picnics and trips. These activities facilitate an in-depth and broad understanding of various concepts in a fascinating and exciting manner.

The school recently organized the iThink Workshop that was attended by…

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